The Cats of High Tor

Follow the adventures, and misadventures, of a group of cats living in a large old house called 'High Tor'

Jade, Crystal and others love the old house and spend their time exploring the surrounding gardens and houses, finding a host of new friends on the way.

Jade and Crystal
Jade and Crystal looking at High Tor

Coming Home

In the first book we follow the story of how Jade and Crystal move from their local cat rescue center to their new home. Beautifully illustrated with a unique style this book is aimed at young readers or to be read and enjoyed together.

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Jade hiding with some of her new friends

Finding Jade

Jade has gone missing and the family are trying to find her. In book two we're introduced to some of the other residents of the old house. Find out who these new friends are and what mischief they might get up to.

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More books coming soon !